Warren Street Neighbors


             What You Do Makes a Difference

Our Neighborhood watch started in April of 2011 and we started with 40 residents from 3 streets that were interested in getting rid of crime,

First we established Block Captains for each street then established walkers during the morning and the middle of the day that reported back to the leader if anything was strange,and we also had people that worked at night that would drive through the streets to make sure everything looked okay before they went to work, if not he called the leader or the police, We still do this today.

Next we posted neighborhood Watch signs,at both ends of all three streets. this seem to work for a while but still had a few issues with streets that were behind ours, so we went door to door on the streets behind us and invited them to join our neighborhood watch program, not all of them joined but at least they knew we had a neighborhood watch in place with people watching them.

We also put signs up along the intersections about our neighborhood Watch(You know they say Knowledge  can empower you)This can be a crime deterrent by its self I believe.

After this is when the police got tips from our neighbors about drugs and there has been 2 major drug bust  in our neighborhood because of the "Text-A-Tip" (this program is totally anonymous)  that the Sheriff's office started. We have seen it happen ,after this is when we started seeing our crime numbers drop.

Overall from  April of 2011 we had an average of 92% of crimes reported in our neighborhood and in 2012 we had an average of 19 % of crimes reported in our neighborhood. this means that we have a successful drop in crime by 73% in one year and now in  August of 2013 we have only had 3% of reported crimes in our area for this year, which means that we have seen a  97 % drop in crime  so far for 2013. All due to our neighbors watching out for one another.Big Thank You to everyone.

We still have a few issues but they seem to be small in number and our local police department is thrilled that we are taking such interest in our neighborhood,I know its the only way to stay safe. else you would like. I am very passionate about our neighborhood watch program.I want to Thank  our members and our Mayor and Police Department for all of their support and dedications in helping our neighborhood watch succeed.

 On April 13, 2013 our Members gathered together to help with the City Wide clean up on South 1st street overgrown grass and trash , along with bushes and small trees by the railroad tracks. Thanks to all who donated their time to help with this our neighborhood looks so much better.                                  


 We want to thank  our members for all their help in cleaning up our neighborhood at the white house behind the Nixon Library. They are truly Extraordinary individuals.


Block Captain John Brennan , Brandon Criss and Larry Stovall all members of Warren Street Neighbors help the city finish cutting down this overgrown bush at the alley behind the Nixon Library.So our children and adults won't have to worry .Thanks to all for your help


TEXT A TIP ---------Its quick......It's anonymous

Here's how it works :

Simply text "JAXPD" plus your tip information to CRIMES (274637).

You will then receive a unique confirmation code, confirming we received your TIP.

                                             TEXT to 274637  Subject: JAXPD

Your text message is private and confidential, No caller ID, No one will ever know your ID, not even the police, Now you can do the right thing and not fear retaliation, Report gangs, drugs,violence,threats, abuse, vandalism, etc


Our Monthly Meetings are held online for your convenice.

Also on Nextdoor.com

click on Meetings tab at the home page. 



Would like to see all of our neighbors there.

And remember get out and meet your neighbors ,it is a deterrent from crimes in our neighborhood

 What Does A Neighborhood Watch Do you ask ?

A Neighborhood Watch is neighbors helping neighbors.They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors. Members meet their neighbors, learn how to make their homes more secure,watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report activity that raises their suspicions to the police or Sheriff's Office.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Watch Member ?

  • Be Alert
  • Know your Neighbors and watch out for each other
  • Report suspicious activities and crimes to the police or Sheriff's department
  • Learn How you can make yourself and your community safer. 
  • Attend  monthly meeting /or visit website to see what we are doing,can you help
  • let the person in charge know if there is an issue that needs addressed

 Need to know Numbers

Fire Department-501-982-1616                          Police Department-501-982-3191

Animal Shelter- 501-982-2916                             Code Enforcement- 501-982-0688/982-0818

Sanitation- 501-982-0686                                    Entergy-1-800-368-3749

Center point Energy-1-800-992-7552                 City Hall- 501-982-3181        

 "Special Thanks to  City of Jacksonville website for putting our webs site on theirs"

"Special Thanks to West Side Baptist Church for letting us hold our meetings there "

                                                                                                                                                  Contact information:                                                                                                               Barbara Mashburn-501-765-0767


http:warrenstreetneighborhoodwatch.webs.com/                                                             E-Mail: allteamwatch@gmail.com